Erica is a healer, writer, radio presenter and angel psyhic.

Erica has a broad life spectrum  from which to draw. A career of thirty years in radio and television, followed by her metamorphosis into the world of the healing arts. Erica is a bodyworker, reiki master, angelic channel and sound healer who can help you with:

  • Angel Card Readings, acting as a medium to tell you what your angels want you to know
  • Cord cutting, chakra and energy cleansing. Identifying and clearing of emotional and etheric attachments to persons, memories of situations and energy blocks that drain your energy or keep you from moving forward in your life.
  • Christenings and Blessings to welcome babies, pets and new relationships into your life. Wedding Day Blessings. Blessings for a new home, business venture or workplace to surround the space with positive energy and prosperous light.
  • Angel parties. Share a magical experience meeting your angels with your friends, plus an individual, personal angel card reading for everyone.
  • For a personal touch, call me at  It’s in US dollars, but you pay the same wherever you are in the world. Just click the button to see if I’m available on line, or schedule a call.

On her journey to become a Sound Healer, Erica is accredited from the Wheater Academy of Sound Healing founded by internationally renowned Tim Wheater.  She has also taken workshops and study lectures with Jonathan Goldman and John Beaulieu.

Sound Healing crafted individually for you!

Sound Healing crafted individually for you!

Sound Healing in person: Erica uses singing bowls, Awakening Bell, tuning forks, tingsha cymbals, flute,  voice, intention and energy to facilitate release, healing, empowerment and relaxation.

Sound Healing Mp3 can be created as a unique 15 minute download for those who cannot visit my practice in person.  Please visit  where it is on offer in my email readings section.


As well as being an Advanced ATP®, Erica is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, and an experienced, qualified Bodyworker in remedial massage, hot stone fusion and ear candling techniques.