The S.T.A.R. report is an exclusive service developped by Erica.  It offers a comprehensive review of your current situation, and offers guidance that will help you make sense of what is happening and enable you to make choices to address the issue.

S.T.A.R is an acronym for the Star Tarot Angel Review. This report calls upon five powerful energies to review your life and uncover the answers you seek. Firstly, I will outline the three spreads in the report using twenty-one cards. I use three separate tarot spreads which you will see displayed in the pages which follow. The first uses the major arcana of the Mythic tarot deck. The major arcana looks at the big picture, the major events and where we are in life’s journey. The second star spread uses the minor arcana which connects to the details and our inner selves. It can also give an indication of the timing if that is something you are asking about. However, it is important to point out that “indication” is the key word here. Life is a journey and the solutions we seek are often depend on our completing our lessons and arriving at the point for the perfect outcome. Therefore, if the reading suggests releasing old patterns, or other personal growth work, the outcome of the timing will depend on how quickly you are able to process the information and create the right environment to manifest the outcome.

The third card spread uses one or more of my angel oracle decks. Their loving guidance should help clarify and guide your actions. The Mythic tarot embodies three influences against which to interpret your journey. Firstly, the incisive message of the major and minor arcanas. Secondly, Jungian psychology and theology. And thirdly, the lessons of ancient Greek mythology reflecting the inner and outer of the heroes and heroines as the face, work through and overcome their life’s challenges.

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