Erica's Star Scopes of 2020

Welcome to Erica’s JULY STAR SCOPES.  My StarScopes are an alchemy of astrological signs, tarot insight, and angelic guidance.  This month in the realms of summer and the watery sensitivity of Cancer and the fiery showmanship of Leo is truly elemental, so this has called forth my fairy tarot and fairy oracle deck.   


July’s ruling angel is Archangel VERCHIEL, one of the Powers and known as the angel of affection.  Verchiel guides us to take our focus from material concerns and to reconnect with the joy and wonder of nature. To take pleasure in leisure and share joy with family and friends. Verchiel asks us to step back to take a wider view of what is important in life. In this clarity, we refresh ourselves and realign our lives with love.







CAPRICORN 22nd December-20th January

Plenty of water and wistfulness for this earth sign in July.  Give yourself permission to dream and hope. Hold those dreams dearly in your heart, safe from the whirling world outside where words fly, and it can be hard to discern the truth from the subterfuge. Indeed, you may find yourself struggling to evaluate what is said and done. The truth is in the heart.  How does it help? Is it kind? Now is the time for community and commitment to manifesting a better world where love and not consumerism rules. So, nurture those dreams and ground yourself with practicing love and thoughtfulness through the emotional times we are experiencing.


AQUARIUS 21st January-19th Feb

   You are a sign well known for your blue sky thinking, and this is a month when you will find yourself seeing your current situation with crystal-clear clarity.  There are some preparations to make.  Open your heart to the world with compassion, decided to focus with pin-point intention and then, get out the way and see way manifests.  This is particularly true of finances or other material ways you interact with the world. Your powers of creativity are fertile, so don’t limit yourself.


PISCES 20th February-20th March

It is time to move forward, Pisces. The energies of this year are intense, and the story globally and individually is one of healing and bringing shadows up into the light to that they can be healed. If you feel there are lessons to be leaned, sit with them. Befriend them, and then send them to the universe to be absorbed into the collective soul. It is also a time to find contentment at home. You may feel called to refresh how you live or begin something new. Your calling this month will be new beginnings and travelling or relocating. Feel that exhilaration which precedes any trip.


ARIES 21st March-20th April

If you feel like something is about to happen, you are right. It’s your chrysalis time, Aries. You are offered the chance to transform and emerge with your new wings. Now if you think of it, the process inside that cocoon is almost shocking. The old caterpillar skin and legs are dissolved, and a new vulnerable body takes form and wings break out from the back. That’s not an easy process. But the result is spectacular. Would you ever advise the caterpillar to run from the process and remain a caterpillar? Not that is could.  Neither can we when the call comes. So, be prepared to study, accept solutions when they appear and let go of the old, bringing with you all that inner wisdom and a new set of wings.


TAURUS 21st April-21st May

Life is magic! Yes, it is, indeed, the universe is always on our side, even when events surrounding us may seem less than desirable. This might be one of those times. So, if you find life no longer fits or flows as it used to, it may be that you are being nudged to make a change. Sit with the information you have and see if that rings true. You don’t have to rush; you only have to see the need to open up to alternative solutions or suggestions. The important question to ask yourself is: “I am a happy and fulfilled or do I have a restless feeling that there should me more to life?”  Just as we can’t stay as children forever or in our teenage mindset, so fulfilment comes from constant movement and expansion as we grow in our years. Look to the future with hope and inspiration. That’s the way to go.


GEMINI 22nd May-21st June

We have been forced apart for so many months, now it is time to come together. Divisions of every kind need to be healed.  When we were in lockdown, we learned the value of family, friendship, community, hugs and nature. When we were deprived of them, we stopped our frantic clamouring and over busyness and took stock of what really mattered. Events have shown the fractures in society and yet some people became more than they had ever been to show their hearts. The seeds of new hope are planted and Gemini, in your heart water them. The actions don’t have to be large and loud, they simply have to be sincere and have integrity. It is a time for new beginnings in every field.  If you are planning to speak out, do your research. If you are planning to write, make your words resonate with love. Don’t be deterred by nit-pickers and naysayers. There may be people who step away. Did you really want them to stick around? It’s time for you to step into your new voice.



CANCER 22nd June-23rd July

Hold on, Cancer!  Yes, it’s been a tough year with times when we couldn’t see the way ahead, news was conflicted and confusing and the stress did nothing for blood pressure.  It was a perfect example of one of life’s situations that come out of the blue, and there is nothing to be done but take each day as it appears. However, the important thing for you is the message that there is “hope”. Isolation may have taken its toll, but new beginnings are just around the corner. For sure, there might be the odd glitch as we all try to find a new way of living and negotiating daily life.  Rest assured, the fairies say, the worry will only give you sleepless night, and you would be better advised to focus on hope and the fact that new beginnings will lead to creative solutions and a new world.  Hope, and enjoy each day.


LEO 24th July-23rd August

This month is all about the healing journey, Leo.  Whatever happened to floor you, was nothing you could have prevented or prepared for.  However, even if you feel the damage is irreparable, or this will never end, in fact, your strength is growing and you have all the inner power and resolve to surmount this and come out the other side on top.  Worry is your worse enemy at the moment. Let go of all the emotional attachment to what was. This is a new beginning.  Take time to indulge in little treats and rewards to encourage yourself and believe that you have what it takes.



VIRGO 24th August-23rd September

This is a powerful month, so use it wisely. It’s also a month where astrologically many planets are retrograde. The wise action is to allow and not to push ahead. It is a time of inner growth.  Use the power of the full moon eclipse on 5th to set your intentions.  What do you wish to manifest?  Does it fulfil your needs as well as your wants? Remember, what we need is not necessarily what we want. Don’t look back with regret or rose-tinted specs. Your task is to prepare and take small practical steps towards your heart’s desire.


LIBRA 24th September-23rd October

Expect a transformative month, Libra. This is about feeling vulnerable but still strong enough to take the reins of life and steer where you wish to go. If you feel that you really can’t see which way to go, pull up and meditate. Consider all the motives around you if your plans involve others. And don’t be daunted if there seem to be obstacles in your path. They are there to help you evaluate and adjust if necessary. You might have some letting go to confront. Ultimately, you will know in your depth and heart what feels right. Once you know, let go of worry. How others react to your choices is their choice. By all means, listen to what they have to say and take any useful lessons to guide you around those obstacles. Above all, keep going.







SCORPIO 24th October-22nd November

July is a month to dive deep. It’s a good thing that is your strong point.  Scorpio is the most intense of the water signs. Expect to feel things deeply and don’t shy away from allowing them to surface. Once we see what lies in the deep we can adjust our lives on the surface and perhaps see things from an alternative perspective.  There may be event in your life or on the world stage which come and go and over which you have no control.  However, you always have control how to choose to react to them. That is your strength. It will help you move forward in your life and keep your eyes on the magic and gazing at the stars.






SAGITTARIUS 23rd November-21st December

There is a great deal happening astrologically with your ruling planet, Jupiter. So, you may not see the resolution of situations or plans until we reach the winter months. However, it a great time for you to be making plans and sowing seeds of intention. As well as being a time to really connect with the love of family or friends, and in that I include our fur families, taking advantage of the slower pace to show them you care and receive their love in return, it is a time of spiritual growth.  In addition, if you have ever planned to write anything, from your memoires to quick poem about your feelings, or strum a song on the guitar it is a wonderful time to get reflective, connected to your truths and express them.




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