Erica's Star Scopes of 2020

Welcome to Erica’s MAY STAR SCOPES.  My StarScopes are an alchemy of astrological signs, tarot insight, and angelic guidance.  This month I have used my STAR layout with the Fairy Tarot deck and my Dragon oracle.  Calling in the angels, MAY is ruled over by AMBRIEL, the angel of communication who guides us with affection to find our consciousness of inner truth and the ability to express that in words and experience.  AMBRIEL is the ruler of the sun sign: Gemini.


This month’s Starscopes were channelled listening to birdsong and digeridoo with an orange and yellow candle to invoke the dragons and white candle for the highest good.





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CAPRICORN 22nd December-20th January

Saturn governed Capricorn, you have the most delicate feminine pink dragon as your guide this month. She would love to help you dissolve cords which attach you to past wounds and bring you into karmic balance. Just ask. And you will need her because this is set to be a powerful and transformative month for you. Don’t try to control anything. Let go of the reins and allow life to find new balance. Just keep a light focus on everything lining up in your favour, with absolutely no focus on how that might happen.


AQUARIUS 21st January-19th Feb

 If you are feeling triggered and blocked this month call on your fire and water dragon to help your life flow with loving force.  Once you ask for that help be prepared for change and expect things to move forward quickly. It will probably be unexpected, and very possibly be fun.  In these extraordinary times, things cannot stay the same. It’s a time of personal and spiritual growth for everyone who is wise enough to accept that challenge. So, flow, dance and don’t forget to allow yourself to enjoy the journey.


PISCES 20th February-20th March

Stress, news headlines and wondering what is true or façade is not the way you need to live life. You have a glorious white Omega dragon at your side to help you step into the more feminine power of creativity and caring, as opposed to the thrashing and debating of words and thoughts. By all means, decide what you wish to care about and show the compassionate side of your nature. Just don’t get caught up in debating with those who have differing views. They won’t change their minds and it will stress you out.


ARIES 21st March-20th April

The outside world may look like chaos, death and destruction, but that’s just what’s being projected at us.  It is only a partial view of what is evolving.  Look at how nature is regenerating in such a short space of respite from our man made pollution. The kindness of strangers and the highlighting of family ties and loving friendships.  That’s the place to focus and you have a white-gold dragon from the highest realms to help you find that place in your heart. Make the time to connect with others who are also focussing on that best that can come out of this. 


TAURUS 21st April-21st May

It is time for Taurus, the bull, to stand your ground and speak your truth. If you have been taken for granted, don’t paw the ground and stamp your feet, but speak out instead.  Bulls are often quiet creatures, but when they holler mountains move. So, be assertive and expect to be heard and taken seriously. If the recent period of home isolation has given you the chance to review your surroundings and you can see what changes need to be made, go ahead. Rarely has there been a better time. However, if you will excuse the pun, don’t just bulldoze, you need to apply structure and logic. The most important guiding light comes from the dragons who counsel you to explore your motivations.  If you intend to make the world a wiser and kinder place, fitting for the new golden age we are birthing, then you are on target.


GEMINI 22nd May-21st June

Gemini, as a flighty air sign, always flitting through the duality of the world with your quick thinking mind, it’s time to ground. You have the gift of your ruling angel, Ambriel, this month. Ambriel helps to express your deep truth.  You also have an earth dragon asking you to tune into nature.  Amongst the calm green leaves and luxurious earthy textures, you will find answers if you slow down and listen. Don’t let thoughts and emotions run the show. Take time to really tune into your soul’s reality. Release what you need to lighten your load, and take time to be truly mindful, savouring each of life’s moments.



CANCER 22nd June-23rd July

In these times where news, fake news, opinion and downright hostility and manipulation are spinning past us like a tornado that insists on turning our world into a washing machine spin of cleansing and discarding and evaluating, you have a glorious dragon who comes through the stargate of Lyra to tell you to expand the greatness of your soul, to reach for those higher realms and dimensions and intend that you are beginning a new incarnation.  In fact, we are. Our body renews its cells daily, and completely renews itself every seven years. One of the joys that we are not taught at school, is that we can make a new start every moment, if that’s what we choose. Drop the dross of practicalities for a moment and let your soul soar with the possibility and see where that takes you.


LEO 24th July-23rd August

Leo, the extrovert, this month is your cue to look inside to find a place of calm and balance and to understand your core value and worth. The outside probably looks uncertain and chaotic at the moment.  There are not many, if any, who can say with confidence where this year is heading. That’s because we are creating the path as we go. So, it is not a time for grasping at images and projections.  A wise silver lunar dragon shows that you need to come into a time of peace and balance. Most of all, make peace with yourself. This is also a time for Leo to learn, to research, to practice new skills and, if you like, make a wish. Everything is possible so why not wish for a life that brings your heart joy?



VIRGO 24th August-23rd September

Virgo, you are such a grounded earth sign, you have attracted the attention of an air dragon to help you rise above earthly matters.  Of all the signs, your motto should be:  I serve. And we certainly need people like you at the moment. However, all service with no respite will drain and discourage you. Take time to connect and focus on the good that is emerging from our current circumstances. Trust that we good hearts we can create a world that uses our existing skills in new ways that will forge a better society. It’s time to wish upon a star and believe that faith can move mountains.


LIBRA 24th September-23rd October

Laser focus, determination and a solid grounding is what will serve Libra well this month. Now, given that Librans can shift from one side of opinion to another, trying to find the common ground, and, they are an air sign, can you see why this might be great advice from an earth dragon, who is standing on a lofty mountain rock surveying the vista for miles around?  This dragon will help you clear the leylines and the land around you leaving you like him, high above the land, able to see in all directions.  It’s a great perspective with 360 degree panorama to help you shine your light and remind you that working from the perspective of the light allows you to light the way for others below.






SCORPIO 24th October-22nd November

The current uncertain times we are traversing may bring up some old fears from the past or childhood. If that happens, take them in your arms and embrace them. It’s time welcome wisdom from your depths and you have the most delicate, beautiful sea dragon from Neptune holding a key. The patterns of truth are available to you to access your deep fears and far more importantly, your deepest soul wisdom. Allow that comfort to rise up in your core, while on the outside stay calm and take advice if that helps you to get a clearer picture of what to do next. Time spent planning a strategy for your future will help you feel secure.





SAGITTARIUS 23rd November-21st December

Sagittarius your word of the month is:  strength!  Stand in your power, say the dragons, and they fairies have echoed that with the strength card, too. It’s a time to show you can be practical and caring no matter how chaotic and uncertain the world seems either on the outside, or how you’re feeling on the inside. You don’t have to rush about doing things, be calm and rest and be the rock that others are drawn to. Your example of steadfastness and the fact that from that place you can calmly make heart led choices will serve you and everyone else well.  Pause, reflect, meditate and listen to your intuition.




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