Readings at 12Listen

Please call me at for a phone reading.
is a phone-in service where you can get a live consultation with me. To use this service you need to register, and set up an account and you will get 3 FREE minutes as an introductory gift. Then, when you place a call you are only paying the amount shown in US dollars. You do not pay an international call rate if you are calling from outside the United States.

The reason I chose this site is because of the excellent support they offer to you, and me. Your calls are confidential, you can message me and have the opportunity to leave feedback should you wish to do so. There is also a free GRATITUDE board where you can leave a message to raise your energy. There is additional spiritual food for thought on the blog. And you can find out about the other services available from the 12 Family group, including 12RADIO. Schedule a phone reading with Erica now.

Erica’s 3 Question Email Service with 12Listen

Buy Now | Cost: $88 USD
There’s no time like the present! Now is always the the perfect time to heal relationships and situations in your life. By choosing this email service you can have support and comfort available to you at any time of the day or night. I am delighted to be able to offer you the ability to connect to me whenever you need love and guidance from the angelic realm.

It’s simple to use and I GUARANTEE you will hear from me within 24 hours. Just send me YOUR THREE QUESTIONS, follow the payment instructions, and in return I will light a candle and call in the angelic realms to give you their advice and guidance. I am an Angel Reiki master and Angel Therapy Practitioner with advanced training in cutting cords, and removing blocks. I have been working with healing for over ten years. It will be my pleasure and honour to assist you and serve you in any way I can.


In person, Erica uses a combination of tuning forks, awakening bell, voice and reiki  to create a healing for relaxation, treatment of aches and pains, atuning the nervous system and emotional well being. Please use the contact page to make an appointment.

Or, you can purchase an individually crafted Mp3 recording which you can download to listen to as often as you like.  It can be created and encoded with frequencies to work on whatever you need.


Host an Angel Party

Minimum of 8 people for a party (UK customers only):

Share a magical and enchanting evening with your family friends by hosting an Angel Party. Invite 8 friends or more, light the candles and let the angels fill your home with their love. The hostess receives a free reading while each party guest will receive a private and personal reading for 15 minutes at a cost of £15, which they are very welcome to record should they wish. I will also bring my angel board and crystal dice for you to ask your own questions while friends are enjoying their reading.

Angel energy is always positive and affirming. There will never be any uncomfortable news at your Angel Party. However, they do prefer that you do not serve alcohol until later in the evening as it changes the energy and disturbs their connections. Mix an angel punch (recipe available).

For more full details, please contact Erica for a free consultation meeting.

Angelic Body Work Therapies

Hopi Ear Candles

To help with blocked sinus, build up of wax, glue ear and other ear conditions.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: £45


Powerful energy treatment using the life force, also known as “Ki” or “Chi” or “Prana”. Balance your body and mind with an hour of Reiki.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £35

Please contact Erica to request an appointment at Headcorn or Maidstone.