Life is a gift. Life is for living, not merely existing. Every day, every hour, every minute is a privilege, even when they are a challenge.  This year we are presented with, or gifted, powerful portals into new reality and beginnings.  Sometimes this can look like chaos. Just think of the recent changes in the world: whistleblowing, calling out of corruption, communities pulling together in the face of threat or adversity. We may be living in a time that will be marvelled at in the history books. So much is changing, so quickly.  Hold this thought every morning when you wake and ask: “how can I make a difference today?”  Never believe you are too small to make a difference. One drop can make an ocean ripple. If you need encouragement, support and nurturing, remember you never walk alone.  Everyone has a Guardian Angel. Two, at least. Yes, you do! It doesn’t matter whether you have been brought up with a faith or prefer to acknowledge the divine spirit through nature and creation. Even atheists, agnostics and sceptics have angels. They may not talk to them, though!

The word angel comes fromthe Greek angelos, meaning messenger. And that is one of the ways they can help us no matter what philosophy we embrace.  Angels are non-denominational, messengers of pure light whose dearest wish is to help us with every aspect of our daily lives.

They never judge. They are with YOU, RIGHT NOW, waiting to help.  All you have to do is:  ASK.

Existence is vibration. Think of the Big Bang.  Everything in existence is defined by vibration.  Sound is vibration, your thoughts are vibration, your words and intentions hold the potential for great change.  That, in my opinion, is true magic. Therefore, we are all, indeed, magical beings.

The ultimate Truth is: We are all One. There are no boundaries and the sooner the world acknowledges that we can be different and yet honour those differences the more peaceful world we can create.  Make no mistake about it, we are all powerful co-creators of the reality we inhabit.

We are earthlings, and the seasons have much to teach us if we will but listen.  Time is a man-made concept. There are seasons, and days which our bodies and circadian rhythms understand in far deeper ways. Each day is a new dawn, a new beginning and offers a gift, that of the present. If we live each day with mindfulness and good intention at every dawn;  review, evaluate, forgive and release at every close of day, we live fully, value more deeply and unburden ourselves, ready to face the next gift with the new dawn.

Undoubtedly, change is upon us and is going to accelerate. Brave warriors and champions of authenticity have shone their light to show us what can be achieved;  whistleblowers who risked everthing to out the truth. I make no claim to be as brave as they, but I do know that every step we take to call out injustice, cruetly and avarice will make a huge difference. Ghandi said:  “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. How much he achieved through non-voilence but steadfast resolve.

When we face these moments we never walk alone. Our angels and guides are forever at our side and call. We just have to ask. Archangel Michael protects and gives courage. Archangel Gabriel gives our thoughts voice and carriage. Archangel Raphael heals hearts and bodies. Archangel Chamuel finds us what we need. And Archangel Raziel, keeper of secrets shines to light our path. Just ask, their power is infinite.

We are going to be called to look at what we value and how we can live authentically. This will require the courage to let go of jobs, relationships and behaviours which no longer serve us well.  It is my personal belief that over the next five years, we will change how we view the concept of “global”.  Multi-national big business will lose its power to control us and how we live.  Community will be valued once more and local trade will prosper.  Conversely, we will learn to live the truth of  the phrase:  We are all one.  We all come from the same source energy and can, therefore, never be separate, no matter how different our lifestyles. Our home, planet earth, is one with us.  So to prosper, we must learn to treat her with the same respect we accord ourselves.  Making changes to live authentically and heart-centred will differ, depending on where you live and how you currently live.   If you want to make the best of your life and embrace abundance in all its forms:  health, wealth and loving relationships, the first thing to realise is that you have the power to attract everything you want into your life when it comes from a heart-centred and truthful wish.   This is your unique personal power.

I offer psychic guidance, Angel Tarot Card Reading and sound healing.  If you would like some support and guidance to bring clarity to issues you are contemplating, you can book an appointment with me in person using the contact page, or,  speak with me on an exclusive one-to-one telephone reading at  I also have a variety of email based services on 12Listen. If you’re new to 12Listen please follow the instructions to create yourself a screen name and account.   And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so that I can keep you informed of all the special offers and reduced rates during each month. I am also an accredited sacred sound healer, working with vibrational intention and energies. I offer personalised and individual sound healing Mp3s via my email based services on 12Listen.

Sound Healing crafted individually for you!

Sound Healing crafted individually for you!




"Thank you so much for the card reading!!! What a wonderful gift! Again, so to-the-point, as was the Angelic Advice you gave me on 5th. I have read that report many times, and it has given me so much comfort. When it finally became clear to me how to 'Let Go and Let God' (and the Angels), my life changed dramatically for the better."
"I'm deeply thankful to have had the chance to speak with Erica today. She was clear and precise in her evaluation of the situation at hand, and was able to communicate the heart of the matter quickly. It was something that I couldn't articulate on my own, but once I heard it out loud - it resonated clearly with my own inner guidance. I'm now feeling an undercurrent of peace beneath a painful situation, and trusting that it is all for the highest good. Thanks, Erica!"
Dear Erica, Thank you for reading and this wonderful email. Iwanted to leave you a positive feedback. So here it is : you did help me and correctly assessed my situation and the person involved in a short time! You are a kind and empathic reader and I much appreciated our contact. I feel encouraged and strengthened to move on now Thank you and have a beautiful summer. A.
Many thanks to Erica for her wonderful sound healing. This was done for a friend who absolutely loved it. Thank you!
Your message from my Angels is very heartfelt. Your clarity and guidance very much appreciated. I have known for some time what I need to do, and will do so in the near future. Sometimes I just feel that my heart can't handle saying goodbye again, as I have done in the past. But I will move forward. Thank you again dear one.
"Erica was very soothing and healing. She helped me to talk through my difficulties and get some perspective."
"I adore my readings with Erica. She is so warm and loving, while also being insanely accurate!"
Erica always provides, deep wisdom and insight with her readings.
Thank you for the guidance this morning - it warmed my heart and allowed me to continue to trust myself. Thank you for doing what you do and for sharing it with the world. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Big hugs, Isabel.
Erica’s reading was magnificent and so on point!!! Originally, I was anxious about raising the issues I did, but so happy that I asked for her beautiful guidance. Her soothing voice, high vibrating messages and pure connection with the Angels has made an incredible difference. Even her word choices were perfect to address my mind chatter. She is very accurate and adept in getting to the core of the matter very quickly. I wanted our session to go on forever and I’m ready to schedule the next one. Erica, thank you for being such a beautiful and Angelic channel for Divine messages. You are a tremendous LIGHT! Thank you!

Erica has an amazing knack for speaking the words of your spirit guides. I called lacking direction, and she not only helped me find some, but gave me all the options and potentials. She left no detail out, thorough with love. Erica left me feeling super empowered. She gave me a North South East West layout for a trip I am taking next year, explaining what is possible, leaving it up to ME to choose… I LOVE THAT. To boot, Erica is super charming and has the ability to read pretty much anything, I spent 10 minutes bouncing around my brain and she was able to nail whatever I brought in. She was there for me and I felt the magic in her voice. I will be reaching out for more guidance soon.

Hi Erica

Your words are lovely and hard hitting in a positive way – obviously tapping straight into where I need it otherwise it would not mean much to me.

This is really helpful as I am not happy in what I am doing and do want to move on but, like lots of people, do not know where.

Your advice will help me and I have been thinking I do need to give myself some time to just sit and think about what would give me fulfilment.

Thank you so much for your time, energy and help.

Dear Erica,

Thank you so much for my reading. I resonated with all of it and I thank you so much for bringing that message through to me! Whilst reading it a Rosella flew into my window – he was not hurt though, continued flying well. A re-enforcement of this message I believe, certainly making sure I’m Paying Attention!!!

Again, Thank you so much!


Hello Erica,

Thank you for this beautiful reading. It came at the most perfect time. You have such an incredible gift.

I wanted to give you some feedback:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift you have. You have a very gentle way of giving readings. You have given me so much.

Thank you again. – thank you to Tim for his powerful, beautiful and healing music. You can hear: White Lake on my profile on, which is from his albums Golden Light and Green Dream.