…I work with angels. My hands use reiki and sonic tools. I facilitate healing.


…carrier of divine frequency. I wrap them around you to bring comfort, support, peace, emotional healing, spiritual and personal growth. They work with you to release old patterns of thought, attachment to past trauma and give you wings to fly free.


…are the interface between you and healing energy. Reiki flows through my hands from the universal source of life to bring about deep relaxation, balance your chakras and soothe areas of discomfort. My hands guide the targeted frequency of tuning forks to clear, cleanse and balance your mind, body and spirit. Fine tuning the human physical and energetic body can release karmic, mental and emotional trauma.


…angels, hands and healing: divine harmonic alchemy to reset your life and prepare a fresh page for you to write your new story – the one in which you thrive!

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We are all meant to thrive.

That doesn’t mean being rich or famous; it doesn’t require being born into wealth or privilege.  It means being fulfilled and valued for who you are, and what you do, and the unique blueprint you bring to life here on earth.

We are all here on this earth with a part to play – and thrive.

If that doesn’t sound like you, perhaps you need retuning. That’s how I can help.







A unique package of two or three days in a private annex overlooking the Atlantic ocean with the most spectactular view. Each morning you can choose a two hour treatment from the following:

  • an archangel spa wrap
  • a reiki treatment
  • a sonic clear, cleanse and balance
  • a meditation class
  • a s’reiki treatment (reiki and sound)    


Become your own healer. Take a weekend attunement class for reiki levels one and two. 

Take it higher, become a reiki master in a three day attunement initiation.


Spend a day getting to know twelve major archangels.  Feel and attune to their energy. Leave the day with your own customized archangel cocoon to wrap around you any time you need their presence.


A reiki treatment; a sonic reset with tuning forks; a meditation class; an in person angel and tarot card reading. I work in person on Tuesdays.





In praise of Erica

Erica is a rock star! 


Thank you. I was so looking forward to having reiki and curious to see what might come up. I feel like a weight has been lifted and the location right by the ocean is just fabulous. 

Reiki treatment

I am so glad I tried a sound healing.  The tuning forks are incredibly relaxing and I feel like I’ve been on holiday for a week.

Sound healing

I just had my second healing/reading experience with Erica and it was even more powerful than the first. She gave me tools to assist me in working with my chakras and I can feel the difference already. She is an amazing healer and advisor!