Erica is a metaphysician, author and radio presenter who facilitates healing working through source energy of angels, unicorns, dragons and ascended masters.  She is a psychic, angel therapist, dragon whisperer, sound healer, meditation teacher and Reiki master/teacher.

Erica has a broad life spectrum  from which to draw. A career of thirty years in radio and television as a voice over artist and script writer including Channel 4, ITV 1, Disney and multiple corporate clients.  Alongside her corporate career, Erica has worked for over twenty years as a physical therapist and spiritual healer bringing the power of Reiki, angelic guidance,  chakra balancing and sound healing to her many clients.

Erica has published features and fiction for Spirit & Destiny magazine on subjects as diverse as Star Seeds to affirmations, Archangel stories to gong baths.

Erica hosts her own weekly radio show, Breakfast With Erica, on

To listen to her shows on demand, visit the Media tab on this website.

At her practice in Cornwall Erica offers Reiki treatments and sound healing using tuning forks, singing bowls, Awakening Bell, tingsha cymbals, flute,  voice, intention and energy to facilitate release, healing, empowerment and relaxation. She also teaches Reiki and meditation.