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Angel Card Reading and Free Angel Scopes

I am so grateful that I get to do angel card readings for a living.  If ever there was proof needed that you get what you focus on, this is it. I used to travel to London, two and a half hours each way, that’s a five hour commute, to do something that brought me little joy and no job satisfaction any more.  It used to, but then, my life and my choices changed.   And I found it to be so true, that when you hang onto something that no longer resonates with who you are and what you love to do, that job will go. And it did.  With just four days notice!  Well, that was two years ago.  I refused to go into a negative “what am I going to live on” spin.  And over the years I have been presented with an array of opportunities to expand my new talents.   And one that came in very early happened walking up my local High Street, and noticing that a vegetarian restaurant was due to open.  I left a note for the owner under the door, we met, we talked, and I am delighted to say it was the beginning of  a great partnership.   So every month, I get to sit on a bed of cushions in Fortify Cafe’s window and give angel card readings to customers.  And to make sure the flow of abundance keeps going, I donate 10% of my takings to Vinters Valley Nature Reserve.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to walk in this beautiful place, which is maintained and protected from builders by public donations.    And also I begin every month by channeling Free Angel Horoscopes which you will find on my website:  Angel Hands Heal.   So I wish you a great August.  Go take a look at what might be in store for you.  And if you’re in Maidstone, I’m at Fortify Cafe tomorrow (29th July) and again on 26th August.

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