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“What every dog needs from their human best friend”

A unique book for dog lovers

Bedtime Tails Tales for Dogs

Magical moments together

with your treasured canine companion.



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VIBRATIONAL SOUND HEALING shares Erica’s passion for the power and potential of sound for healing. Sounds are all around us day to day. Some are discordant and some are beneficial.

“I like to think of therapeutic sounds as sonic vitamins” Erica explains.

In this book you will find an easy to understand explanation of why and how sound can work to harmonize mind, body and spirit and benefit our overall health, bring us into sound health.

The chapters are arranged under the headings of the twelve sonic vitamins including simple exercises at the end of each chapter with advice on how to take your daily sonic vitamins.

Staying healthy has never sounded so good!

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Erica’s debut novel, In Pursuit Of Perfect Timing explores love and loss and the road to self-realisation through the fires of infidelity, scandal and spiritual awakening.

‘Keep Calm and Carry On,’ – that was Cheryl’s motto. It wasn’t so much about keeping up appearances, as not letting go of control. To indulge your husband in the odd affair is one thing – a wife can turn a blind eye to a fling – but how high is the price of self-denial? And what happens to that resolve when life lobs a bombshell through your front door? Cheryl braves the hotbed of celebrity scandal and heartbreak as she steps away from the shattered remains of her life and falls headlong into love and spiritual awakening…

Erica has drawn on her experience in television and radio and her work as an angel intuitive to craft a tale of romance, heartbreak, magic and angels which is attracting five star acclaim on Amazon.

“A great read. Entertaining, while providing thoughts and inspiration for ongoing reflection.”

“A beautiful book. And a page turner!”

“A delightful romance, with a gritty edge…”

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Bringing together the joy of the journal journey with the huge heartfelt love of Alfie, a little dog filled with compassion and understanding.

Alfie’s Woofy Wisdom Journal is a delightful and easily portable book in which to capture your experience of life’s experience and uplifting moments.