Erica's Star Scopes of 2020

Welcome to Erica’s NOVEMBER STAR SCOPES.  My Star Scopes are an alchemy of astrological signs, tarot insight, and angelic guidance.  This month is going to be one of the most powerful for many years. I have been told by my esteemed colleagues that this astrological line up hasn’t been seen for several hundred years.  It is the culmination of the energy which began in January this year.  So, let’s buckle our seat belts and get ready for the next step.  I have used the power of my wisdom tarot, escorted by the dragons. Samhain or All Hallow’s E’en, is a sacred Celtic fire festival  so, I figured we could use some dragons to help us find our way through.


November’s ruling angel is Adnachiel. You couldn’t have a more perfect angel to call on right now. Adnachiel guides you towards being an independent free spirit, who digs deep to find your truth and then acts on it. November and the sign of Scorpio always call us to dive deep, to look at what is true.  Adnachiel will help you to step forward in integrity and honesty to walk your own unique path through life. He inspires confidence in those who are shy. Adnachiel rules over those who are born under the sun sign of Sagittarius.

November sees the celebration of the Celtic New Year, 1st November, which follows Samhain, or All Hallow’s Eve on 31st October. The Christian church adopted it as All Saint’s Day. Whatever it means to you, it is a perfect time to turn over a new leaf. Nature is closing down for winter; the planet is preparing to rest. How do you feel looking back on your harvest of events in the past year? Whether it brought you an abundance of successes or opportunities for learning and growth, celebrate and look forward with gratitude.

In the Uk, we also have fireworks night on 5th November. This celebrated date originated in 1605 when a plot to blow up Parliament and James 1 was uncovered and foiled.








CAPRICORN 22nd December-20th January

So, Capricorn, this month may look like someone upset the applecart. The whole world is changing and there are factions who will not enjoy the process. And they will make their discontent known with loud dissent. Whatever they may say, this is your life and it is your choice what to make of it. As the serenity prayer advises, there some changes outside our control which we have to accept, and conversely there are other situations where we can choose our reaction to them and take action accordingly.  You have a powerful Arcturian dragon to help you find the wisdom to know the difference. Hold fast to the knowledge that change is necessary as we let go of the old Pisciean age and head into the new golden age of Aquarius.  Don’t fear change, buckle up and relish the ride.


AQUARIUS 21st January-19th Feb

White light, is the advice that arrives with this month.  That light is inside you, it is your soul’s guidance and divine love. You have the combined power of Archangel Gabriel’s pure crystalline white dragon at your side. This diamond light will help you find the way forward when the world seems to be throwing obstacles in your way.  That said, the most difficult impediment will be your own thoughts and the struggle to make a decision. And the way through this impasse is love.  If someone denies permission, speaks unkind words or any other act which stops you in your tracks, do not react in the same way.  Step aside and find a way to see what is triggering them and see them as the angels do, as someone in trouble who deserves love and understanding. You don’t have to agree with them, but the act of dissociating yourself with rancour will disarm and dissolve the blocks.  Just know you have the means to shine from within.


PISCES 20th February-20th March

You know you are a deeply feeling water sign, and you also know how world events and people’s words can trigger you.  Your mission with month is to find a balance between emotions and thoughts – feelings and actions. Fortunately, you have an aquamarine dragon from the watery world of Neptune to guide you to find your soul’s wisdom. So when negative thoughts and feelings come, remember that you come from light. Breath deeply to allow the refreshing power of the life force to flood you from tail to crown. Feel all the waters of your body flooded with the knowledge that you have divinity at your heart.  If you are taking on everyone’s burdens in your kind hearted way, take a look at your life balance and put some boundaries in place.  You can’t keep giving if you are empty.  Rest, take time to calm and then step out again.


ARIES 21st March-20th April

Resetless might be the best way to describe the way you feel this month. It’s been a difficult year, and you are yearning for it to be over, to get onto the next thing, to be done with it, to begin a new year. However, it would be wise to pause before you dash towards 2021, to take stock of what has been and to review your year.  What did you learn? You are gifted the mighty black from fro Saturn to bring you to this wisdom.  Saturn is the teacher energy, and sometimes it is strict. So, take time to evaluate before you jump forward.  There may yet be things to learn as the wheel of this year turns. You will have choices to make.  That is for sure.  Make equally sure you are well informed and emotionally balanced before you decide.

TAURUS 21st April-21st May

Taurus, this month plays to your strength.  It is time to be practical. And as you are ruled by Venus, you know how to be practical and kind simultaneously. You will find yourself called upon to make sense out of chaos or a situation where everything seems up in the air and facts may be elusive. There is a point to this confusion, and the fire dragon you have with you is to keep you safe and protected when the lower energy comes up to be burned away and vanquished so that you can see what needs to be done to rebuild and move forward. So when all around you are losing their heads, stay calm and keep yours.





GEMINI 22nd May-21st June

On the surface, the world looks like a place of worries. You may be concerned about finances, or it may be that you are worried about friends or family. It’s enough to give anyone sleepless nights.  However, worrying never solved anything, all it does is create a tired human being. Yes, sometimes things seem unsurmountable. However, remember that we are just little drops of the divine in a vast universe. The divine which created you, created all that, and more. If you ask humbly for help and then let go, that is the very best you can do. Ask the dark blue galactic dragon to connect you to the entire divine blueprint. Have faith in the future and then attend to today without fretting about what is past or still to come. Mindfulness is the perfect medicine for quixotic and busy minded Gemini,



CANCER 22nd June-23rd July

Cancer, you are a sign well known for the depth of your watery feelings and this is a month when they will assert themselves.  You may be awash with emotions and empathy for others. The waxing and waning of the moon will pull you with her as she does the tides. Tap into the grounding power of earth and crystals. In fact, you have a yellow crystal dragon to help you.  Citrine is a yellow crystal and very grounding.  This dragon will help to learn from every situation and integrate it into your wisdom. The mighty archangel Sandalphon, who is associated with our earth star chakra below our feet will also anchor your emotions and he can also connect you to like-minded community with whom you can share the journey.


LEO 24th July-23rd August

With so much up in the air, and news flying around like leaves in a gale, you may fear making a choice in case you make the wrong one. It is a time to keep a cool head, take a sensible approach and not do anything rash. You have a mighty red fire dragon with you, and the roaring lion of strength within who connects you to archangel Ariel. Ariel is the archangel associated with the root chakra and also with the earth.  Perhaps, you could ask:  is it kind?  Is it good for the planet?  Those would be great underlaying questions to guide you towards answers if you feel you must make a decision this month.



VIRGO 24th August-23rd September

Unexpected events, too many choices, too much multitasking. It’s all too much. At least, that’s what it might feel like.  And that’s the key, Virgo: feel like.  It is difficult to see the beauty of life, or to be objective and impartial when friends or family are disagreeing. You have a magenta dragon with wings of fire who can enable you to bring forth your own wisdom. This dragon also helps us deal with accelerated change. It’s not the speed that changes, just our ability to witness and cope with it.  It is our relationship to change which changes.


LIBRA 24th September-23rd October

Oh Libra, make a wish! The magician’s wand is in your hand, the genie is at your command.. But be practical when you do. Take a caring sensible approach and choose to make the world a better and more beautiful place for yourself and others. It will be a month of inner transformation for you, particularly in the area of career or following a dream occupation. You also have a royal blue and gold dragon offering you a sword to strengthen your power and wisdom. Awaken to your own majesty with this dragon’s help and guidance. You don’t have to know how the future will unfold, just have faith that all will be well.







SCORPIO 24th October-22nd November

Dear Scorpio, happy birthday. It’s been quite a year, and so it’s a good idea to turn over a new leaf. There are clear indications that’s it’s time to move and move forward.  Of course, those wonderful opportunities come with the necessity to make space and let things go. Give your life a really good perusal. What do you choose to take with you, and what has served its purpose and needs to be left behind.  Ask Archangel Jeremiel to help you with this sifting and sorting, and he will also give you guidance on your life’s purpose if you ask him.  The dragons send you the gentlest, sweetest pink dragon who advises that the best way to step forward is to leave things behind with deep gratitude for what they have shown you, even if that was a challenge. You need to be free and clear for your next year, leading with your heart and your focus set on intentions of higher love.






SAGITTARIUS 23rd November-21st December

As a fire sign, you have attracted a dragon to your side. And this dragon is the extremely high vibrational Source dragon. This dragon from the ninth dimension brings down the energy and vibration of the ultimate creator’s source at the twelfth dimension. Your dragon connects to you the ultimate still point of creation and the creator’s sound:  OM.  Find time this month to be still and open your heart to allow this dragon to instil in you the magic of the divine.  In these moments all will become clear and you will understand your place in life.  It is a time of truth and transformation. Do not be afraid to transform? Think of the butterfly.  Would you rather remain a caterpillar? Go within, grow your wings and prepare to inspire and uplift, just as a butterfly does.  Not everyone may understand your journey, but that is their problem, not yours.






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