Erica's Star Scopes of 2021

Welcome to Erica’s AUGUST STAR SCOPES.  My Starscopes are an alchemy of astrological signs, tarot insight combined with angelic and elemental guidance.  This month, with the second full moon in Aquarius (we had one in July) the focus is on karma, learning, truth and clarity, I have used   my wisdom tarot with my Archangel Michael oracle.  In times of trouble Archangel Michael is a powerful cosmic energy to call to our side to protect and to guide us back on the path we seek. So, this was the perfect deck to work alongside angel Hamaliel this month.


The angel who presides over August is Hamaliel, the angel of logic, working with the forces of the earth we stand upon to keep grounded and focussed. Hamaliel helps us to engage and work with accuracy when clear thinking is needed. Hamaliel aids clarity and helps us detach from the ego of life when we need to stand back to get a clear objective view. If the same situation or circumstances keep appearing in life, this is Hamaliel’s way of asking you to stand back and look at the patterns. What should you learn? When you see the truth, you see where your path lies.





CAPRICORN 22nd December-20th January

It is time to step up and step forward fearlessly.  It is time to step away from spending your days doing something that just pays the bills but doesn’t set your heart on fire. Now that doesn’t mean you have to become an overnight movie star sensation. Although… you never know. It is just as likely to be spending your time making a difference in the unique way you have in the world.  Maybe you are a carer. Perhaps you keep the streets clean, provide a service, or offer advice.  What’s key is that you do it from a sense of love and purpose.  If it is tradition that is holding you back:  i.e. that’s what I’ve always done, that’s what the family want, it’s not sensible for me to dream, release those shackles. It’s your life.



AQUARIUS 21st January-19th Feb

Staying in balance and keeping a sense of humour are your key assets this month. Things may seem challenging, or people and circumstance may seem disappointing. We live in turbulent times where much is coming to the surface for evaluation. Hang in there. This is just a clearing. Keep the faith that the future is bright. And don’t allow this scenario which is being played on life’s stage in front of you to make you feel trapped or that you don’t have any power. You have plenty. Be authentic, be kind and detach from the drama.  Oh, and don’t forget to keep that sense of humour handy.

PISCES 20th February-20th March

You may find yourself gazing at life’s road map and wondering if you are holding it the right way up this month. If there’s something you are turning over and over in your mind, and the emotions are backing up inside as you fret over the best way forward, take the pressure off and decide that you don’t have to decide anything right now. The wheel is turning, and you will know when the time is right. By all means, set the intention of where you want to go and then let the spiritual sat nav take over. It might find a better route to that destination than your spinning thoughts.


ARIES 21st March-20th April

A month of self-reflection lies ahead. It’s time for you to stop in your fiery tracks and spend some time evaluating. A beautiful new relationship with yourself and the world is on offer. However, it will require engaging with some challenging conversations and the courage to look honestly at patterns and beliefs without falling into the abyss of self-recrimination. Judgement and blame have no place in this. There is no blame, just authentic evaluation. Transformation will take work, but the outcome will be liberating. Go inside, find your truth and then shine your light into the world.


TAURUS 21st April-21st May

A combination of clear-headed thought and inspirational passion will get you to September in good shape. The issues you are trying to make sense of could be career or family. Either way, family is involved. Perhaps, you fear that you are not making enough time for your loved ones. Conversely, perhaps you wish they would give you more support. Let go of these worries, just for this month, and concentrate on learning what you can about the situation and then taking small but steady steps towards sorting it out. No need from drama.  Just keep chipping away.


GEMINI 22nd May-21st June

You might find yourself seeking advice this month, especially if a situation is causing you sleepless nights.  Worrying and getting exhausted by insomnia solve nothing. Try asking Archangel Michael to help you with this situation. He can cut cords to unnecessary ties and bring you courage and clarity. Ask him to connect you to trustworthy and honourable people to give you their opinions. You have all the strength and resolve you need to get this sorted. Believe in yourself and remember you don’t have to go it alone.


CANCER 22nd June-23rd July

Choice is a wonderful thing, Cancer, unless, of course, you are afraid to make one. Choices are in front of you this month and it’s best to make them with your heart. Where do your dreams lie? What do you want the future to look like? Spend plenty of time in quiet meditation or contemplation to explore your soul’s wisdom Have confidence in your ability to find your truth. Trust that your road map is yours alone.  You don’t have to follow someone else’s

LEO 24th July-23rd August

It looks like concerns about money and career could be at the heart of your thoughts this month.  The coin that is spinning you is your fears that you are not being fully recognised or rewarded, or, that you fear you are not good enough to reach higher. In fact, that is just spin.  You have got what it takes.  Acknowledge that you are feeling sensitive about your worth and then step past that wolf in the forest and take the path towards motivation, passion for doing what you love and don’t be sensitive to criticism, especially when it comes from your ego.

VIRGO 24th August-23rd September

Virgo, it’s time to wear the big girl pants. Inner strength is what you need to draw on this month because it’s likely there are some emotional reactions and contrary conversations flying around. Now, the good news is that all you have to do is detach. This is not your circus, or your monkeys. No matter how close you are to the action, don’t get involved, and for angels’ sake don’t take sides. If by some chance, it turns out that it is your circus and those are your monkeys don’t allow the troop to squabble. Sit everyone down and sort it out, like sensible souls. That way all’s well that ends well. 

LIBRA 24th September-23rd October

There’s a magical opportunity underlying this month, Libra. The point is that a situation that has been troubling you is coming to an end. Let it. Let go. You’ve tussled with it long enough. It’s time to take a different road, or at the very least try a different perspective. Stop the fretting, put the brakes on the spin and come into a quiet, meditative state to find your peace and orientate your inner compass. That way your sense of grievance can be released, and you will find focus. The only way through this month is to choose to step away and release the block. Your call, Libra.



SCORPIO 24th October-22nd November

Make up your mind; make a wish and set your sails of intention with the magical power of feeling what it will be like when your wish comes true. Keep your eyes and heart on the horizon. All things are possible. You know that, so don’t let the waves of doubt come crashing over your boat. You can manifest anything you want (caveat: unless you are planning to manipulate someone else’s free will. Don’t.  Karma is a goddess best left alone). Be the Empress and give birth to your dreams. Align those plans with the divine and watch what happens.



SAGITTARIUS 23rd November-21st December

To quote the fabulous Nightbirde: “you can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”  Happiness is a choice, there’s always something we can find, even on the cloudiest days. Right at the heart of this month is the truth that life is actually pretty good. It may seem dull, ordinary or mundane, but it’s still good. Be aware of your restless Sagittarian spirit this month, teasing you with the idea that the grass will be greener somewhere else. Take a look at where you are and decide to be happy. A new future will come soon enough.

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