Erica's Star Scopes of 2022

Welcome to Erica’s JULY STAR SCOPES.  My StarScopes are an alchemy of astrological signs, tarot insight, and angelic guidance.  This month in the realms of summer with the watery sensitivity of Cancer and the fiery showmanship of Leo is truly elemental, so this has called forth my grounding angelic wisdom tarot tarot teamed up with mermaid messages and dragon power.  


July’s ruling angel is Archangel VERCHIEL, one of the Powers and known as the angel of affection.  Verchiel guides us to take our focus from material concerns and to reconnect with the joy and wonder of nature. To take pleasure in leisure and share joy with family and friends. Verchiel asks us to step back to take a wider view of what is important in life. In this clarity, we refresh ourselves and realign our lives with love.












CAPRICORN 22nd December-20th January

You may find that the most valuable gift that comes to you this month is clarity. Choices need to be made, and crucially they need to be aligned with what is in your heart. Family issues may be a deep influence with childhood memories or family patterns of behaviour affecting your thinking. Take a good clear look at what is right now, and do not draw on what was. This decision is best made when you take charge of your thoughts and emotions based on who you are now.



AQUARIUS 21st January-19th Feb

There are often two ways to do things in life: to take control or to go with the flow. The temptation to hold on tightly might feel overwhelming this month.  However, life could work out better if you could find it in your heart to step back and allow some space. Perhaps the situation has triggered memories from childhood which has left you determined not to repeat that experience. Learning from the past is good. But the circumstances now are unique to the present. Let the future unfold with gentle guidance not firm control.

PISCES 20th February-20th March

This month may throw up some interesting choices and the opportunity to start afresh or begin something new. If it does, be bold and courageous. Even if you are feeling cautious, explore! Yes, there may be work to do and plans to make. Meditate on it. Just because you can’t see the way ahead immediately doesn’t mean the path isn’t there. Set your intention to be free.




ARIES 21st March-20th April

You are heading into a truly creative time. Victory could be yours and you stand, like a magician, wand poised and ready to conjure. However, like all fiery eruptions, it may feel like you are balancing on the top of a volcano.  Just know what ever explosions of creativity take place, you have got this! You are ready to move forward.  Keep listening to your deep intuition and you’ll be fine.

TAURUS 21st April-21st May

You could find yourself feeling besieged.  It feels like everyone, or someone is judging or attacking your choices and opinions. You wonder if everyone or someone is being entirely honest. Trust that if you acted with good intention and an honest heart then everything is as it should be. Others’ opinions are their own business. Your peace of mind comes from knowing why you acted.





GEMINI 22nd May-21st June

Whatever the outside world looks like, however much you seem to have been given to juggle, it’s going to be OK. The key to getting through this month is to know that appearances can be deceptive. If you can’t see the road ahead, slow down until the mist clears. If you feel trapped by circumstance, be aware that we are rarely trapped for long. Just setting the intention to see a way forward sets the wheels in motion. And if you’re feeling excluded, look for people who love and celebrate you for the loving soul you are.



CANCER 22nd June-23rd July

Well, choosing a card to guide birthday people, Cancerians, is a no-brainer.  It has to be the mermaids with an overview from the wisdom tarot.   In fact, you have a divinely masculine merman who carries the message that sometimes to be strong you have to be powerful but gentle. That applies to yourself as much as it speaks to your boundaries with others. As you traverse your birthday into another trip around the sun it is perfectly fine to feel those emotions and acknowledge your personal power in choosing how you live.  Stand up for your core values and walk away from petty battles that are not worth taking on. We are all a work in progress, and we don’t all grow at the same pace or travel in the same direction.

LEO 24th July-23rd August

Being a birthday fire sign, you have attracted a message from the dragon realms.  In fact, this dragon is inter-dimensional and brings a message from the golden age of Atlantis. A huge crystal which keeps the wisdom of your time there is in the power of this dragon to release this knowledge back to you. A huge message of nurturing and caring comes with this star reading.  You may find yourself drawn to environment concerns and discover new zeal for changing the way you live at home, making eco decisions which may, or may not, be popular with family. If this is your calling do not be daunted, the power of crystal memory and mighty Atlantean dragons will help you if you call on them.




VIRGO 24th August-23rd September

As you are an earth sign ruled by Mercury, you have a green earth dragon with you. You are called to connect more deeply with the natural world and to use your powers of organisation and your voice. Don’t worry about how the message will be received, just act. You will attract the attention of like-minded souls and together you can open the eyes of others.


LIBRA 24th September-23rd October

I couldn’t determine whether a dragon or mermaid wanted to work with Libra this month.  It turns out they both did. And they both have the same message.  Libra, you have to let go of your tendency to try to control the outcome, and with that your habit of worrying. Let it go with the intention that the highest good will materialise. Your dragon brings the highest vibrational light.  The mermaids ask you to relax, the world will still turn if you don’t push it. Archangel Jophiel confirms that it is time to release, allow the situation to conclude and expect brilliant new beginnings. Watch how it all proceeds with your brilliant mind, just don’t get in the way.



SCORPIO 24th October-22nd November

This month is about slowing down and taking your time. You have a mermaid sitting on a rock contemplating and watching the fishy action all around her.  It’s a time to take stock, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Meditate or turn inward in whatever way suits you best.  Journal or go for a walking meditation.  Take to the water if you have the opportunity to visit a lake, river or ocean. If that is not available gaze into a watery image on your computer or listen to river or ocean recording as you contemplate. You may be surprised at the insights which arise.




SAGITTARIUS 23rd November-21st December

The focus for Sagittarius this July is to learn, or maybe adjust, how you get along with others.  Relationships, or perhaps I should say relating, is at the heart of things for you. If scenes are volatile just remember that it is better when things come to light so that true feelings can be acknowledged and new bonds forged. You may find that you are the bridge or peacemaker. Remind people that what they share is greater than the issues which divide them.

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