Erica's Star Scopes of 2021

Welcome to Erica’s OCTOBER STAR SCOPES.  My StarScopes are an alchemy of astrological signs, tarot insight, and angelic guidance.  This month to honour the connection to nature and the changing of the seasons, I have set the scene with the sound of alchemical music from the hang plus mystical tones, cymbals and birdsong.  Incense of Merlin is lit and my dragon infuser is gently puffing sacred smoke into the air.  Nights are drawing in and magic abounds.  Can you feel the change?  Here in the Celtic lands of Arthurian legend and Merlin’s magic I have called forth the message from my wisdom tarot with extra guidance from my mermaid, unicorn,  fairy and dragon oracle decks.  The unicorns bring the element of air from the east, the dragons the fire of the south, the mers the water of the west, and the fae the earthly magic of the north. The whole reading is over-lit by Archangel Raphael.

 I know opinions on this differ, but I always associate Raphael with the East and the winds and air.  Therefore, he is the perfect Archangel to guide Libra.  I have also called on the divine feminine powers of the goddess Lakshmi who is associated with Libra and who connects us with our powers of prosperity and abundance.


October is ruled over by the angel Barbiel.  Barbiel reminds us of the generosity of nature and Divine magic.  As you sow, so shall you reap. As you reap, so shall you sow.  Live in harmony with the earth cycles.  Some fruits of our labours we enjoy immediately, others arrive at the optimum time.  This is also the month when we celebrate Samhain or All Hallow’s E’en. A night in the Celtic calendar when the harvest was finally gathered in and all else must be left in the fields for nature and foraging. Great communal fires were lit, there was feasting, and the bones thrown into the flames (hence the term bonfire). A flame from the fire was taken into each dwelling and lit to keep the fires burning through the winter months, honouring the Roman goddess Vesta and her Greek personification Hestia, the goddesses of hearth and home. Samhain marks the end of the Celtic Year. It is the night when the veil between the worlds thins so that departed loved ones can draw near. Candles are lit to guide them home. Jack ‘o lanterns are lit to divert spirits who are not invited into the home.  It is a night to reflect, to commune with the living and the departed and be grateful for all that was, is and will be.


To begin this channelling, I have called forth beautiful Raphael, the archangel of health and heart, to offer a card of guidance for us all t his month.  The message is clear:  Organic Foods.  The world is waking to the importance of our interconnection between all species and organic life on this planet home. We are the product of what we eat, and our soul thrives on the nourishment of sustenance from plants, seeds, grains and nuts grown with loving intent and the natural abundance of nature. As we each change our diet, the world takes a step closer to harmonious interdependence that enables all to thrive.







CAPRICORN 22nd December-20th January

The intuitive faerie realms bring you the message to prepare for a journey.  This might be physical, or, it may be metaphysical.  If you are not expecting a trip, be prepared as it may come right out of the blue. You may feel apprehensive if the past year has wedded you to hearth and home. Even if we are experienced travellers, the new world we encounter can easily bring a bout of nerves.  Trust your intuition. It could be this trip is in response to a family event and that could bring its own stresses. The way forward is to keep an open and loving heart and remember that love will always find a way.



AQUARIUS 21st January-19th Feb

Bringing the message of air from the east, the unicorns carry the message that friendship will be of great value to you this month.  The best friends do not try to solve our problems but are there to walk alongside us no matter what.  Maybe you will call on friends this month, or, you may be that friend who walks the path alongside someone you love.

Try not to carry stress by worrying over things that you can’t control. The magic can only happen when someone is opening to learning. Learning is not controlling.  Learning is, more often, the wisdom to surrender and allow the universe to offer another way.  After all, we cannot solve a problem with the mindset that created it. Once you see that alternative path, then you can engage with the work to follow it.

PISCES 20th February-20th March

As one of the most intuitive water signs, the Mermaids of the healing circle bring you a message about the power of energy work this month.  Are you open to receiving healing?  Do you feel that you deserve perfect health in mind, body and spirit?  If you have just completed a course in healing, you are being called to put your knowledge to use.

It is time to move forward mentally.  Emotionally, draw strength and peace of mind from family and friendships.  Have faith in yourself and your plans and expect changes that bring an end to any challenges.  Endings themselves can be challenging to accept.  Only in surrendering to the only constant in life, that is change, can you move forward to a bright future. Do not buy into the illusion of lack of resources.  Once life’s wheel turns you will have all the support you need.


ARIES 21st March-20th April

You are a fire sign, but water is the element the dragons bring as a gift this month. The fourth dimensional green water dragon will help you tap into your intuition and brings you guidance that will help you flow round obstacles and find a way through gullies. Archangel Zadkiel also carries the dual chalices of water with the rainbow of balance.

This month will be about inner work.  Use the power of the moon’s cycle. You can’t hold back emotions when they rise to break free. Instead, use them as guides and allow them to flow through. Just observe, note and do not necessarily react. Watch as if observing a play.  It is a play, in fact.  It’s the drama of life playing out on your stage. Watch and learn.

TAURUS 21st April-21st May

From the land of the forest the fae bring you their message that this could be a month of transformation. It is not a month to hold the reins of life too tightly. They show that just as the seasons weather change, so do the wise. Leaves change hue and swirl in the breeze before reaching the ground. Trees show us how to let go with style and grace.

To help you gain focus, spend time in meditation. This will help with the temptation to try to control events. Sometimes the way forward is obvious.  Not so this month. Acting too soon will bring stress and less than desirable results. Like a mighty tree, stay strong and still and wait to see what unfolds.


GEMINI 22nd May-21st June

You know, Gemini, that sometimes your famous twin energy has you running in two opposite directions at once?  The unicorns of air advise picking one objective this month and then take the time to practice and perfect your skills or work towards that outcome.

Rewards come to those who prepare well and then put in the work. Step by step they hone their skills and reach towards their goal.  Feeling positive is fine, and thinking about that end result is also good.  But you can’t flash the flu powder and apparate there. Part of the value of this journey is the effort you put into getting there.


CANCER 22nd June-23rd July

The Mermaids of the deep bring you a word to work with this month.  It is the most powerful word in the world and in the waters.  Love.  Allow it to flow through all you do as the year moves towards Samhain and the Celtic new year.

As we withdraw towards winter, consider your relationships. We are likely to spend more time indoors with our families and friends.  How do you wish to nourish those connections? The past tumultuous year has shown us a great deal about values.  Who we value and how we value our time.  Take an inventory and decide where to place your valuable time and resources.

LEO 24th July-23rd August

Wielding the power of fire and alchemy, the golden Christed dragon is by your side throughout this month with the gold silver and violet flame which allows you to transmute the old into the glow of the new.

It is important to be aware that things may not be what they seem on the surface. On the stage of your life look behind the curtain. What is happening backstage? What is said and done on stage may be a game of illusion. Trust your gut feelings.  If it doesn’t feel right, then disengage. There will be a reason.  Allow the alchemy to transmute the scene into something with a better outcome.

VIRGO 24th August-23rd September

The powerful frost fairy brings you the glad tidings that winter will be a powerful time for you. As the world retreats into inner space, so your intentions as you gaze into the fireside will plant seeds of heartfelt wishes.

This is a time for snuggling with books and relishing the information. As nature slows down, then so can you. Take the time to open the portal to fresh intention and new pathways that your learning will show you. Tell your ego to take a hike. You can do this, if you if you desire. You are your own genie.  Light a candle and make a wish.

LIBRA 24th September-23rd October

Libra, happy birthday.  The unicorns of the east and the element of air bring the message of happy thoughts.  No matter how the world seems, look for those moments of magic which sparkle even through the darkest clouds. Remember that your thoughts are powerful vibrations and can create your reality from the inside out.  Keep a clear head and grip on thoughts which may threaten to spin out of control, projecting fateful possibilities into the future.  Keep your heart open to the potential for joy and the knowledge that wishes can come true.  Focus with your creative power and never underestimate what you can achieve. 



SCORPIO 24th October-22nd November

Your element is water and the message from the Mers is to move forward fearlessly.  A mighty Merman strides beside you and his trident is pulling light from the ocean surface into the depths to illuminate the way. Any feeling of being trapped or stuck is illusion. This is especially true if the impediment is financial. Don’t hold back because you think you can’t afford to study, move jobs or bring in what you need to thrive. Adjustments may have to be made, for sure. But you have got this!  The only roadblock is your lack of self-confidence. Decide to take responsibility for the direction of your life right now!



SAGITTARIUS 23rd November-21st December

Sagittarius, you call in the element of fire and, therefore, you have attracted the assistance of the fifth dimensional deep blue dragon.  These dragons work with Archangel Michael and are masters of protection and space clearing.  Ask them to dive under the land around your house and clear the energy.  Invoke them to clear places you visit and work. Ask them to surround schools and shopping malls in your area.  Feel their fiery energy with you as you sleep. They will be particularly useful this month if egos flare or you find it difficult to hold the boundaries between work and leisure.  If you are juggling too much and becoming stressed and feel overworked, make the choice to rebalance.  Call on this month’s guiding angel, Barbiel to harmonize the work/life balance. Remember, to keep giving to others you need to be replenished yourself.

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